Beautiful Dawn

The veil of darkness stretches thin with thy appearance
Fear flees like an angry cheetah
Giving hope to the hopeless
Your light of hope never losses its lustre
Your hands are full of pearly gifts
You inspire the forlorn friend with glad tidings
Silence is thy rubies
Purity is thy robe
Peace is thy crown
Beautiful dawn you gladen my heart

By Mariah Ali

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The lone road

Fain  heart
Weary limbs
Dreaded fate 
Drunken skies
Trees whisperings
Birds hummings
Dark shadows dancing
Dread filled my heavy hearts
With a fear gripped heart
I still trodded on the lone road

Son walk boldly on this lone road
Fain hearts never won any victory
Keep moving son
A voice I heard
I turned around to see where the voice was coming …no sight to behold
Still surrounded by trees with unfriendly faces
And a raged cloud ready to unleash it’s   torrents

The dread now got to the marrow
The voice resounded again.
This time it was deafening
Son you only need a pebble of courage walking down this lone road
A rage of anger engulfed me
I retorted back who are you?
And the voice kept saying
You only need the pebble of courage to keep moving
You need to be a  valour at heart

Then I asked. .who are you again
The voice retorted. ..son my identity matters not
Just keep moving
Then where is the pebble of courage-with anger I asked
Oh son the pebble of courage is in thy heart
It all you need to thread on this lone road

The voice kept on
You will meet the enchanting seductress
But nay !trust her not she is just on thy way to destruct you
You will meet the devil disguised in a saint  who would cross all thy path
But Nay ! Son trust him not

Seek no help ,neither trust anyone  on thy journey
Just keep moving and remember you only need
A pebble of courage to travel this lone dark road
And the pebble of courage is in thy  hearts. ..

Years back I look on
And I know that lone  loud voice
Was right
It only a pebble of courage
You need to travel
On this lone road

Mariah Ali


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The Ruined Rose

She was the rose among roses
Tender and young
The attraction of all bees
The delight of the morn
Fragrance of the garden
Her petals fresh and supple

Never did she open her petals for those bees
She blossomed beautifully with the passing of each morn
A rose of a kind
A replica of perfection
A sight to behold
She was everything of a treasure

Until ,that sad morn
When he walked sheepishly into the garden
Attracted by her intoxicating  fragrance
With a face of a saint ,but a heart of the demon
A treacherous smile he wore
He!he who wore the mask
Beguiled sweet rose with his false charm

A happy day it was for him
And a doomsday it was for her
Sweet rose hearts fluttered with joy and love
But! Nay if she had known her fate
She would have cried a sea of tears

He who wore the mask;took sweet rose to his abode
Instead,nurturing her with a tender hand like she was
He nurtured her with a fist of an iron
Recklessly, crudely ,aggressively

Oh poor rose lost her supple by each passing morn
Her young heart yondered for her past abode- a peaceful abode it was
She whose petals were fresh and supple
Now turned  rough

Poor rose suffered with the ticking of the clock
Till her petals went dry and dead
She lost her intoxicating fragrance-she became stale
Poor rose lost all but her beautiful heart
Till she wilted and died away

Oh poor rose
Is this thy end?

Mariah Ali

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Oh gifted soul

Oh gifted soul !
Why go for breadcrumbs
When ye have fresh loaves on thy head

Oh gifted soul !
Why batter thy soul with filth
When ye were created pure as a driven snow

Oh gifted soul
Why trade thy soul for just triflings
When ye were created rich

Oh gifted soul!
Why drown in fears
When ye were created fearless

Oh gifted soul !
Why  grope in darkness
When ye can  walk boldly into light
Where ye belong

Redeem thyself now. .
Weary soul
Redeem thyself now
And reclaim thy purity. …

Oh weary soul ye indeed is gifted
If only ye knew!

Mariah Ali

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Made of Light

Made of Light

And when the dark ocean waves submerges ye
Keep in mind the light in ye is much stronger
And when ye walk in the alley of darkness
Keep in mind the light in ye is a force to reckon
And when ye walk through the valley of darkness
Keep in mind the light in ye is larger than the darkness of the valley
And when ye find yourself on the slippery cliff of the mountain
Keep in mind the light in ye is stronger than than the thickest rope

Yes ye are made from light
to conquer
to sparkle
to lit
to permeate any indestructible darkness
Yes ye are light
Made of light

By Mariah Ali

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Reinvention by Mariah Ali

George Hell

So a story of the happy hypocrite was told.He was known to be the most vile,greedy ,inhumane person by persons close to him .
He was dreaded by both young and old ,he spared no chance to dupe ,demean ,cheat people who he came across. He was widely known to be a number one  gambler and womanizer,he was good at it though .He was careless,greedy,destructive and disobedient.We were told he was never shy of his wrongdoings ,he never concealed his wrongdoings.Even at thirty five George Hell was such a pain to his parents. Due to the the kind of life he led,he was known by people as George Hell,because he wouldnt spare the chance of giving you hell if he had.He had all the attributes of negative.
People from far and near heard about him and his name alone sent shivers down to people’s spine both among his friends,colleagues,peers and foes alike .
On one of his outdoor gallivants ,he met a beautiful young innocent lass called Jenny Mere who performs at  the dance theatre for livelihood .As fate would have it ,George Hell fell  deeply in love with the beautiful young innocent lass.

Love found its way

He proposed to this young lady who had the air of innocence of a dove around her .Jenny Mere certainly  knowing who he was blatantly refused him and told him she would only accept or marry a man with a face of a saint .Her words stabbed him in the heart like a sharp knife .Heartbroken he was ,his quest to find a mask of a saint began.
In his quest to find a  mask of a saint he stumbled upon a mask maker shop where he bought a customed saint like face mask.Upon putting on the mask he felt his past was a dream ,he felt he was a new man indeed .He simply felt wonderful in it .
With the mask on,Lord George  Hell now realised he was saintly enough to confront Jenny Mere  and proposed to her ,he finally proposed to Miss Jenny,Miss jenny accepted him however,under a changed identity .From the evil George Hell to the saintly George Heaven.

The arrow of love strucked  perfectly to its target ,Jenny accepted the new George Heaven as the new name and identity  came with a new life style .George threw  all his past away ,gave out all his ill-gotten wealth to charity and turned a new life;a reflection of his new name.He actually vowed to live according to his new name George Heaven,he decided to live heavenly and Noble.

Transformation from George Hell  to George Heaven

Jenny and George married ,they relocated from the city to a a countryside(cottage)  to live a very modest life near Kensington.The couple truly lived happily and simply  .Their days were filled with wild flowers ,the woods ,long kisses .No Prince and Princess in any palace were happier than they.
He atoned for his cruel past ,cleansed his shallow soul to live happily with his young innocent Jenny.
However as fate had it,his past life caught up with him ,when one of his old time girl friend appeared at Kensington where George currently lived with his young wife,she knew about the mask.His former girlfriend motivated by jealousy  caused a scene between George,herself and his wife ,in the commotion she pulled out the mask from George’s face.George felt his life was crumbling to pieces but fate smiled on George when the mask was pulled, strange as it may seem to be his face assumed the contours of the mask which made him even look more nicer exactly as the mask .His wife was happy as she assumed her husband was just testing her fidelity for a time before revealing his beautiful face to her .The George Heaven remained George Heaven still, despite his unmasked face.He was happy for the man he had become.

The lessons and inspiration

This english  story by Max  Beebohm  has always being an inspiration to me that no matter how bad or rough life you have led before,you still have the chance to change and reinvent yourself .George was dreaded before, till he was even called George Hell due to how dreaded he was but because of love ,he had to change himself into a more acceptable person,atone for his past life which he decided to reinvent himself into George Heaven, everything about his new self depicted purity as he gave all the money he had from gambling to charity,gave out every thing to live on simple means  like a country house in Kensington. He decided to change to be a better person and as he assumed to be the change ,he actually changed.
We can all reinvent ourselves irrespective of whatever we have gone through ,you can decide to change from a George Hell  to George Heaven ,it all a matter of choice you can decide to be that better person you had always wanted to be.It all requires a little effort to change from a George Hell  to George Heaven,just like the mythical phoenix bird that burns it old self  into ashes and reinvent itself by rising again from the ashes.It is possible to burn the old layers of ourselves and reinvent ourselves into that worthy person.It can be done .Life is all about reinvention. If you are not pleased with your old self you can reinvent thyself .It never late !it never late!

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Grow Individually by Mariah Ali

Growth is a necessity of life ,without growth life would be meaningless .Everybody would go through the processes of growth as it is a never ending process .

The essence of growth is for survival purposes we need growth to survive to continue the cycle of nature.A baby gets born ,the next minute he or she is crawling ,walking the other minute he or she is a grown young man or woman .This cycle happens to all living beings …Growth is very important as without it nature comes to a standstill .It is the core of survival.

However it is a general fact growth comes with pains ,tears and sometimes happiness as well.Growth is a combination of the two extreme ends .Imagine that little boy wanting to crawl ,he then rises up to take his first step,what happens ?he sometimes fall as a result of he wanting to take his first step .

With all these associated with growth ,humans need to really be cautious on our journey of growth ,growth here could mean spiritual ,physical ,intellectual etc.An individual right from his maturation must cultivate the habit of growing individually without the aid of anyone ,some life lessons I have learnt is that until an individual is able to stand  on his own ,fight his own battles ,faces his own fears and conquers it ,growth would still come but sad to say it usually growth without lustre

We must grow individually such that we do not grow attached to anyone whether spiritually,emotionally ,financially etc,we need to learn to rely on our own selves ,seek help from God ,develop our individuality until then we can blossom to help others with our gifts .

Let take an inspiration from nature typically “the tree”, the tree stands alone on its own roots it only dependence on an outer source is sunlight and water .The tree blossoms very well when they stand alone rather than leaning on another tree for survival .Why then do we not learn from the tree .

There is sooo  much freedom in knowing we got to that lofty positions without any body’s help but our own hands and the help of a  divine being .And there is no freedom compared to that. (A reality I wished I knew earlier)

Someone might ask we all need somebody at one point in time of our lives.Yes we do ,those are the most difficult times of our lives at which anyone at all helping us at that crucial moment can take opportunity to take advantage of us ,during those hard times we need to open our eyes very wide and activate  our other senses during those hard times to detect the fakers who are only in to kill us with their treacherous smile.

Wherever or whoever you are, you have being blessed with all all those innate capabilities to help you go through any difficulty in life,the human being is programmed such that he can surmount any difficulty that he encounters without the help of anyone .

Unfortunately most people do not know that (including me as well )some of us realised these innate capabilities  late .We thought at all moments of trying times we need to consult with that person we call our ‘confidante’ to aid solve our problems  but the hard truth is most of these soo called ‘confidantes’ are just in  to take advantage of situations and even you the person.

Let learn to heal by our own selves, walk our own journeys,  sail our own seas when the trying moments comes ,and when we reach those lofty heights without the aid of anyone but our own selves and God,my dear you would understand what true freedom means and what power you wield .

I end here with much pleasure and a poem by Khalil Gibran that inspired me to write this piece .Hope it inspires someone out there.

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness
And let the winds of the heaven dance between you
Love one another but make not a bond of love .Let it rather be a moving sea between the shore of your soul
Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of lute are alone though they quiver with the same music
Give your hearts but not into each other’s keeping .For only the hand of life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together for the pillars of the temple stand apart.
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each others shadow”
Khalil Gibran